Snowbound Reading

I got an email today from a friend that I hadn’t heard from in about a year.  Even though we both live in the same state, it seems like arranging the hour+ drive each way doesn’t happen too often these days, for either of us.

He was congratulating me on publishing Finance Monsters, and letting me know that he downloaded it this morning to have some reading during the blizzard that is now getting its act together to bury us in snow.  I’ve also been preparing for the likely two or three days of isolation, and I realized that none of the “emergency” kits suggest some reading.  Plenty of people are encouraged to get more batteries for their junk drawers, gallons of water, full tanks in their cars, etc., but nobody seems to consider stimulating their minds as a necessity they might want to do, even without power.

Like the guy with the bumper stickers that read “Eat More Kale” who won when defending himself against Chik-Fil-A, I think the time has come for bumper stickers that say “Read More Books.”

take care,



4 Responses to Snowbound Reading

  1. MD says:

    and be sure to download them BEFORE you lose power!

  2. Henry Warner says:

    Good luck with the blizzard, Howard! Jill and I are at our winter home in AZ. Nary a threat of a single snowflake!

  3. Debbie says:

    Fabulous idea! Keep safe and warm! 🙂

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