I Was There First (I Think)

October 31, 2014

When I came to the Street, my friends weren’t surprised because I had been interested in markets for years, even trading stocks and options while there were still fixed commissions and you had to go down to the brokerage office to watch the ticker tape go by as an electronic “crawler.”

They were surprised when I didn’t have anything for them when they asked for stock tips.  In fact, I was spending every waking hour working on systems and deal structures in mortgage land, so even my own money stopped being in stocks, and just sat in money market funds.  But they kept asking, assuming I must be a stockbroker.

After a year or two of patiently responding that I didn’t and couldn’t pay attention to stocks, I came up with an answer.

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How appropriate!

October 31, 2014

It had barely become Halloween when I pushed the fateful “enter” button to get my galley proof of Finance Monsters.

In a parallel effort, I also submitted the e-book version for Amazon review.

The two versions are different, but only in the presentation.  IMVHO, one of the best parts of the book is the glossary.  All those words we use in structured finance (including multiple ways we use the word “underwrite”) can be intimidating. No doubt that’s part of the reason people think it’s some kind of black magic…. Read the rest of this entry »