What a Weekend!

Over the weekend, MindonMoney and Finance Monsters both picked up a larger circle of readers, and they weren’t all the usual suspects. For example, blogs in Sweden, China and Malaysia linked to the post Three Conditions and Three Warning Signs. Since I don’t read Swedish or Chinese, I can’t say what those blogs focus on, but as they say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

National Memo carried an excerpt of the book from the chapter Contagion as its featured “Weekend Reader” that was especially timely, given the unknown secondary effects of the collapse in oil prices. FWIW, energy high yield spreads are now above 1,000 basis points for the first time ever.

Finance Monsters even flirted with the most fleeting of all honors – Amazon bestseller – that is, if you count being the bestseller in a quiet category like bond investing e-books. The rankings are recalculated every hour, so I’m not quite ready to run a press release claiming bestseller status. What would it say? Six hours on the Amazon (bond category) bestseller list? It does make me wonder how many books it would take to get to the top of the main list, at least long enough to take a screen shot of that exalted status.

The biggest effect had to be from Zero Hedge, the blog/rant/gossip/research site that’s wildly popular on trading desks around the Street. By late Sunday the copy of the Three Conditions post that “Tyler Durden” put up on Saturday had over 30,000 readings. After the break, a tip of the hat to a dozen other blogs and sites that linked over the weekend…

Thanks to all:

Zombie Markets – the alternative financial news source

Lincoln Report – Illinois-based aggregator with a libertarian edge

Daily Deceipt – watching the news and watching the watchers

Gold Is Money – news on gold

Exploring the News – Insights to Escape the Cave

Sand2Pirls Market Signal – trend-trading technical traders

The Daily Coin – setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of man

The Prepper Dome – all survival, all the time

Living for Longer – natural foods, unnatural problems we bring on ourselves

The Daily Sheeple – wake the flock up!

Eyes Open Report – The Alternative is Now Mainstream

The Economic Collapse – Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

DC Clothesline – Airing Out America’s Dirty Laundry

There were also two new customer reviews on Amazon, and both were good takes on Finance Monsters.

I want to give a shout-out and make a request to one reviewer and new subscriber, Kyle Pentony. You mentioned that you spotted some typos in the Kindle version. I’m not sure when you downloaded, but I’ve already found and fixed a couple of typos. The really good feature of e-publishing is that I can upload a new manuscript whenever I want, and it only takes the book off the market for 12 to 24 hours. If you can remember where those typos were, I will happily fix them and upload a new version for readers that follow you. All you need to do is go to the “blowback” page and send me a message telling me where to find them, and I’ll get right on it. Thanks for the review, as well.

One last thing: I listened to Dennis Tubbergen’s “All Things Financial” broadcast yesterday morning, and it wasn’t the interview he taped with me last week. My bad. I just assumed it would be on the next show. I’ve shot him an e-mail asking when it will be on, and I’ll let you know. When it gets up on I-tunes after that, I’ll post the link.



2 Responses to What a Weekend!

  1. David Loundy says:

    Must have been the two copies I bought for my brother in law and myself…

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



  2. Robin says:

    Congrats on the publicity! Great blog and I’m glad to see the renewed posting activity.

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