Question for those with Ipads, Kindles and Nooks

I’m at a fork in the road on Finance Monsters, and it affects how I list the e-book version.

I have two choices. First is to make the e-book a photo-like image (pdf) of the print book. It would have page numbers and lay out just like the print book. That includes a feature I put into the print version where I put a text box with a definition on the page where I first use a specialized word or acronym. All the definitions are also gathered into a glossary at the back of the book.

The way I designed the “e-book only” file is to let the pagination happen however the device sets it up, and for each of those definition words, I put an internal document hyperlink to the entry in the glossary, and then another link (btt) to take the reader back to the text at the end of the glossary entry.

For those who’ve downloaded files with pages (basically images of the print book) and files specifically for e-readers, which is preferable?


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