Getting Real

OK, now it’s real.

On the right hand side of the Mind on Money screen, there are now links to the print and ebook versions of Finance Monsters.  I hope everyone who reads it enjoys the story, and comes away really understanding the meltdown.  As I was telling a friend earlier today, to understand it, you have to understand the people who made it happen and the technology that enabled it.  Without that deep understanding, it can still be too distant for most of us to see how something that affected us all came to fruition.  That’s why I had to write this book.

All the other treatments have been second-hand accounts, or told from only a limited point of view.  I worked hard to keep Finance Monsters from being technical, heavy or boring (big thanks to my editor and early draft readers on that front).  Fortunately, the people in the mortgage business are given to outrageous behavior, so keeping it light wasn’t that hard.  By going step by step, the technology is accessible, and the glossary should help readers with the specialized terms.




2 Responses to Getting Real

  1. Debbie says:

    Great!- hope to talk with you soon!

  2. peterxxyz says:

    well the checkout system worked for me & kudos for having affordable international shipping

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