How appropriate!

It had barely become Halloween when I pushed the fateful “enter” button to get my galley proof of Finance Monsters.

In a parallel effort, I also submitted the e-book version for Amazon review.

The two versions are different, but only in the presentation.  IMVHO, one of the best parts of the book is the glossary.  All those words we use in structured finance (including multiple ways we use the word “underwrite”) can be intimidating. No doubt that’s part of the reason people think it’s some kind of black magic….So I decided to write definitions for those terms and acronyms and make it easier on my readers.  Who knows?  Maybe some MBA students will get into it, along with any normal investor who hears this stuff but doesn’t live it and breath it.

So here’s the difference between the print version and the e-book version:

When I first use a specialized term, I define it.  In the print version, it will be right there on the page next to that first use, and again in the glossary at the back.  In the e-book, the problem is that the little callout boxes with the definitions can get totally squirrely as the screen size changes, and they tend to jump as much as half a page away.  So that’s not so great, since I want any e-reader to be able to use it.

E-readers do have one cool thing about them — the internal links.  So each word, acronym or phrase that gets a definition is linked to the definition the first time I use it.  As soon as I started to research the e-readers, I found out that some of them don’t have “back” buttons.  What a pain for a reader to be in the middle of Chapter 2, hit the link, and then be stranded at the back of the book.  So each definition that is linked also has a “back-to-text” link that goes back where you were in the middle of Chapter 2, etc.  I hope the little “btt” in blue makes sense to the readers, but I guess I’ll find out when they get a chance to write their reviews on Amazon.



4 Responses to How appropriate!

  1. Jon Rosenbaum says:

    Thanks Howard and I always find your comments of the most informed value. What is your opinion on OXLC and ECC. Jon Rosenbaum

  2. hhill51 says:

    Hey, Jon…

    No opinion on those specific stocks these days… I’ve been basically out of the market since the summer. I did take a flyer on some bearish positions (SDS and FAZ) over the last couple of months, but those have been losers. Of course, if I sell, that will be the signal for a crash.

    Hopefully, the book sales will do a better job of supplementing my income than the market…

  3. Frederick W.H Collins says:

    Howard, good to see you back. I don’t know if you know our Kondratyev friend, Eric Von Baranov, nee Dan Brindle died last year from lung cancer.

  4. hhill51 says:

    I had heard that, Fred, and was sorry to hear it…. Are you still commenting on the market these days?

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