Twitter for Trading Notes

I decided to use my twitter account to make real-time trading notices.

I don’t give stock advice, but I do try to explain what I’m doing and why in this blog.  Now, without promising to do it for every trade, I am posting what I’m doing on twitter.

My handle was already taken, so on Twitter, I’m @hhill61


4 Responses to Twitter for Trading Notes

  1. jeffrey c. reynolds says:

    alas, i don’t do twitter, or facebook, anti-social luddite that i am.

  2. chinshihtang says:

    Was it that guy from “Goodfellas” who took your handle? He’s deceased now, won’t need it anymore.

  3. Steven Meyer says:

    This may be slightly off topic, but I think us luddities might be right
    and the tachies are suffering from serious delusions. Here is
    the reference on the Cornell archive to my paper that extends Peter Naur’s anti-formalism defense from his Turing award lecture:
    arXiv:1208.3739v1 [cs.OH]

    At least we are in the good company of Ludwig Wittgenstein and
    Niels Bohr.

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