Out My Back Window

An especially hard gust of wind shook the house just before we lost power on Monday.  I was quite thankful that the half-dozen trees that fell on three sides of my house all fell where they hit only other trees and dirt.  These were all within 100 feet of my house.


7 Responses to Out My Back Window

  1. William Kinsolving says:

    Zowie! Glad you’re safe Howard. At least you have a lot of wood for the fireplace. Best to you,


  2. Dave Joseph says:

    Lived in New Cannan many yrs. Never had a storm that bad. My place in Michigan now looks much the same except we’re removing 100 foot ash trees that have been decimated by the ash borer.

    • hhill51 says:

      Hey, Dave….

      I’m pretty sure it was what they call a “microburst” because it was so localized, and because most of the trees were literally twisted or snapped off above the ground rather than pushed over and uprooted.

  3. Cy Berlowitz says:

    Good for you for dodging the Sandy bullet.


  4. George Maniere says:

    Yup I lost a bunch of trees but they missed my house too. Whole house power generator paid for itself in spades. The Gods of the market did get me however. I lost my Internet connection for two days.

  5. old gringo says:

    Happy that you dodged the bullet.

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