A Little Help?

For a number of years, I’ve been on the Board of Directors of Justice for Children, a “shoestring” supported charity that provides legal representation and therapy for abused children.  It’s the most efficient charity I’ve ever heard of, handling whole cases for just $200.  I am quite sure that the volunteer lawyers that do the work must be giving more than their time, since the one lawsuit I was involved in had well over a thousand dollars in copying charges!

Abused children can be “trapped” in a system that often cuts funding to Child Protective Services if children aren’t being reunited with their parents often enough.  Sadly, some of those parents just shouldn’t be with their children even when “family values” put reunification at the top of the priority list.

If you ever attended a Family Court session where abuse allegations are flying, you’d be surprised, as I was, that there are lawyers for each of the parents, for the State, but too often not for the child.

A technology firm has offered to develop a free social networking fundraising arm for one charity.  All you need to do to help JFC become the chosen charity is to click on this link and vote.  No money, no e-mail, just a vote.

If JFC could just get a few bucks from a lot of contributors, we can keep this effort going.  If you’re feeling a little flush, you can also contribute or even sponsor a table at our annual fundraiser.

Thanks in advance.



10 Responses to A Little Help?

  1. RIMBoomer says:

    Great cause hh. Casted my vote and it looks like Justice for Children has a strong following. Keep up the great work.

  2. MA says:

    Voted as you requested. Looks like a worthy cause.

  3. arckinteractive says:


    Paul Stewart here from Arck Interactive. A minor correction to your post: we’re located in Ashland, Oregon. 🙂

    I wish your organization luck in the polls!


  4. arckinteractive says:


    Paul here from Arck Interactive. A minor correction to your post: we’re located in Ashland, Oregon — not Texas. 🙂

    I wish you and your organization the best of luck in the poll!


    • hhill51 says:

      Hey, Paul… thanks for the head’s up. I should have researched a bit before posting. One of my fellow Board members sent me a link to your poll, so I quickly posted. Your geographical choice is a good one. Even better is your firm’s dedication to good causes. You might be surprised (I certainly was) at the incident that led to me being on the Board at JFC. Years ago, before they screwed it up, Yahoo stock message boards had a sense of community about them. When I lost a “bet” on a stock price to chickyboy3 and had to pay the SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) foundation, a number of anonymous people who followed our discussion on that message board decided to send money in to JFC (my charity in the bet) and mentioned my screen name. It totaled over $100 K that year, and some of them still give to this day.

  5. Thank you, Howard! We really need this, and right now we are wayyyy in the lead!

    Janet Lachman
    Interim Executive Director

  6. r3fman says:

    Great Organization!

  7. Bill Jordan says:

    Voted as requested. Also sent a contribution to JFC.

  8. Lou Davis says:

    Thank you for your post that will bring to light some of the problems facing children and the need for people to get involved financially too!

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