Lost a Few

Today I have fewer subscribers than I had yesterday.  I must have said something that was so upsetting that they decided to stop up their ears.

For those who were tempted to unsubscribe because they didn’t like the “politics” of my observations on the economic reality we face, let me assure you that I’ll be veering back into the unending seminar on mortgage investments before too much longer.

The TA types have begun their bearish chorus on the amREITs, though I suspect most of them still haven’t figured out how to adjust their price charts for dividends (a fatal flaw, in my mathematical opinion).  They probably deserve an answer over the next few days.

For those who came over to check out the blog after reading my article in Financial Planning, welcome.  You might enjoy checking out the Best Of page, which features the posts that got the most “eyeballs,” along with a few I liked, even if the readership fell below the levels the others on that page enjoyed.

In the next few weeks, I’ll also describe my worst investment ideas of the year, just to underscore the fact that I am NOT giving investment advice.  You can make your own mistakes and triumphs, and if you borrow some from me, I sincerely hope the successes outweigh the failures.



5 Responses to Lost a Few

  1. Dan Cullen says:

    I thought your post from yesterday was ‘spot on’ and well put. Keep up the great work and don’t forget ‘illegitimi non carborundum’!

  2. Richard McDaniel says:


    When I first discovered your blog last year, it was like walking out of the darkness into the light. Finally listening to someone with a strong financial and economic background talking about how the real world has been working. Please keep up the good work being the voice of one crying in the wilderness. God love you.

  3. Gary Anderson says:

    Howard, sorry to hear you lost a few “eyes” on the blog. I know you have learned before this that you call them as you see them and let the chips fall where they may. I’m curious whether or not you saw the Forbes piece on the “bomb” in ObamaCare. It was quite well written, even though the author had the nerve to challenge the divine inspiration of the insurance companies in America. Cheers, Gary

    • hhill51 says:

      Thanks, Gary….
      The tip about the Forbes article is appreciated. Naturally, I think it is the insurance companies’ dream law, and that Obama got totally taken to the cleaners by the corporate raiders on that one.
      I’ve actually been working on a concept for another book where I explore the theory that both R’s and D’s have been willing dupes of corporate raiders — raiders who got tired of just making billions by loading companies with debt, selling off their real estate, firing the workers, and raiding the pension funds — You know, how Bain capital “increased shareholder value” by 30% while extract ten times that much for the arrangers. Now they do it with the whole country, using exactly the same techniques, but make trillions. The parallels are powerful and the evidence compelling.

  4. Fred says:

    Maybe the dropouts are anti-HP-12C?

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