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Tomorrow is the first Monday in October.

That means we have to get ready for more new laws from the most radical Supreme Court in a century.  I remember well calling my buddy George when the Citizen’s United case was given a “do over” with a broad hint that the corporate plaintiffs should ask for more than they did in the first hearing.

Since when does any lawyer ask for too little in their pleadings?  When even the loawyers know that the Constitution would be stretched to the breaking point if they asked for more, that’s when.  But the Roberts court was in a mood to make sure human citizens have no rights at all compared to the non-human (and often non-American) corporate golems that five members of that court want to crown as permanent dictators over humanity.

For that reason, I’m going to begin my daily visit to Scotusblog, and put it onto the blogroll of links in the right hand column.  Those five jurists can change our lives, forever, and they don’t have to worry about annoying elections or citizens when they decide to keep shredding our hundreds of years of Constitutional democracy to maximize profits for their owners.

It will be worth checking on them every day.

They can be impeached (hint, hint).



2 Responses to Blog to Bookmark

  1. Tom Drake says:

    Our Constitutional republic debuted with adult, white, property-owning males as the only enfranchised voters. Now, children, women, the insane, many illegal aliens, and, in Chicago at least, a lot of dead people vote. Most eligible US voters now pay no income tax to their state or federal government, and a significant number live entirely on unearned “transfer” payments from the government(s).

    Whether we love the above facts or hate them, current voters’ elected representatives are quite naturally biased against private property, wealth, and corporations. The Supreme Court is not yet directly selected by non-paying voters, and its role is to ignore politics of all kinds and look at whether laws and regulations brought before them are compatible with the Constitution alone. It has served us well by being independent as designed. I hope it will survive the political agenda of your opinions.


    • hhill51 says:

      Hey, don’t worry. The disenfranchisement movement is gaining strength after the money poured in on “right thinking” state legislature candidates.
      You’ll get your poll taxes, Jim Crow laws and all the rest soon enough.
      There. I’ve shown that I can be just as accurate as your assertion of illegal aliens and dead people voting and citizens (other than Social Security collectors) living entirely on transfer payments and paying no taxes.

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