Tomatoes from Aruba

I live at an altitude that never floods – fifty feet or so above the nearest stream, and hundreds of feet above the nearest river.  That said, the flooding in the area exceeded even the March meltdown and runoff that washed out roads and isolated some of my neighbors.

I want to share this picture of the “damage” in my kitchen garden.  Yes, the wind did blow.  It didn’t knock down any trees on my property, but I lost communication when a tree fell just down the road (amazingly enough, the electrical line was strong enough to hold the leaning tree without breaking).

I found out how addicted I am to communication.  It took less than 48 hours after losing touch with the outside world for me to go searching for a place to read my e-mail.  That’s how I found out just how much flooding there was in the area surrounding me, as I had to turn back and find another route four times traveling the few miles to the center of town.

Once I got online, I found out that nearly half the people in my state lost power during the storm.

I can’t help but wonder why the critics from outside our area are calling the warnings “hype” because wind speeds didn’t reach the projected levels.  Do they think millions of trees fell over from “hype” in the news media or from the National Weather Service?  Who could have guessed that hundred year old trees were sensitive to the news?

I’m also stunned to find out that even disaster aid has now turned into an “option” that needs to be debated, and for which political ransom must be paid.  Are they kidding?



3 Responses to Tomatoes from Aruba

  1. I am in Northern NJ right near the Short Hills Mall. Trees down everywhere, roads closed, thousands without power. Sounds like where you are.
    We went to a lot of trouble to haul our sailboat out of the water. Could have left it in, but one never knows. The biggest problem leaving it in is the others who left theirs in, not caring if they broke loose (to collect insurance) and came down onto those down wind.

    Power out at home 18 hours, 24+ at my office and still no internet there.

    I think the hype accusations were regarding the hyperbole used and the overplaying of how big the storm was going to be.

    The media is addicted to bigger, bigger, bigger

    JMHO of course.

    • hhill51 says:

      If we do get one good thing out of this, it will be about the foolishness of Federal flood insurance at ridiculously low rates for houses built on flood plains or barrier islands.
      I remember years ago reading about a million dollar beach house in the Carolinas being rebuilt for the third time after a hurricane swept over the Outer Banks. For that, the homeowner for that fabulous weekend house was paying a stupidly low annual insurance premium in the hundreds of dollars.

  2. Jim says:

    Another reason why I think government continues to fail us:

    “Regulators are nearing a settlement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over whether the mortgage finance giants adequately disclosed their exposure to risky subprime loans, bringing to a close a three-year investigation.”

    “The proposed agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, under the terms being discussed, would include no monetary penalty or admission of fraud, according to several people briefed on the case. But a settlement would represent the most significant acknowledgment yet by the mortgage companies that they played a central role in the housing boom and bust.”

    If I ever get a chance to sit as a juror at a criminal trial involving some poor average Joe charged with fraud, robbery, bad checks, failure to pay, lying, grand larcency, etc., I will just inform the judge that I would never, ever convict the average Joe for such a crime. This is absolutely sickening.

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