Cleaning House

I never intended to provide investment advice, and I hope all readers recognize that fact.  I did share what I was doing, and why, while I felt comfortable doing that.

Since some may have followed me into trades, I think I should let you know I’ve taken profits in SNTA and losses in FAZ.  The positions are not completely liquidated, but for anyone that followed me into those positions, I felt it was the right thing to do to let you know when I was getting out.

Also, the last of the Elan I bought during the selloff last summer (on the first leg down) will get called away next week, and I’m inclined to leave it that way, given the new oral MS treatments coming on line and the sale of their other properties.  Another that looks like it will be called away is IOC, and I don’t know yet whether I’ll go swimming again in that shark-infested bay.

Still no word on the new job front, so relative silence will continue.


2 Responses to Cleaning House

  1. cyngrace says:

    Hi hh,
    I think I saw you mention GKK awhile back. It had fit my very exacting parameters (reading tea leaves, watching which way the wind blows, that sort of thing) for being a potential double. Well bought below $2.00 and it is sailing into the $3’s. Now I am getting nervous as I find very little news and I did think I read you might do a paragraph on them. Around now would be really nice, if possible.
    Thanks in advance for even just thinking about it.

    • hhill51 says:

      I am avoiding commenting on mREIT stocks in particular for the time being. Gramercy has done well since I loaded up with a $1 handle, so I liquidated enough to pay for the piece I still hold. I have not been tempted to sell that.

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