Citizens United: The Sequel

November 10, 2010

In its continuing campaign to make sure that corporations are protected from people, the Supreme Court is about to remove the free market mechanism that prevents companies from stealing small amounts of money from thousands or millions of customers.

The case is AT&T Mobility vs. Concepcion, and the existing free market control mechanism is the class action suit.

It’s premature to say the Gang of Five on the Supreme Court decided — they haven’t formally done so.  First comes the theater of hearing arguments and the pretense of considering precedent.  They haven’t ruled yet, but the unusual decision process in Citizens United shows me that this Supreme Court is determined to do all they can for companies. If that includes changing centuries of judicial procedure by arguing cases for the plaintiffs, the “conservative” block on the court will do it.  If it means broadening a case so they can reverse a century of laws passed by Congress in one stroke, they’ll do it.

So just call it a hunch that this is a done deal.

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