Coming Attractions

Like last week, I’ve found myself working out several ideas that will result in longer “thought piece” columns. Check back this weekend to see what comes out.

I think I’ve gotten a new insurance company, after days of phone conversations, meetings, etc. with several insurance agents. I won’t believe it until I have the policies in my hot little hands, and read every word (this time).

I’ve also been following the earnings announcements, research pieces and conference calls from the mREITs. Only a couple of stragglers have delayed their calls and announcements until next week. First impression – no real surprise (to me) though some analysts were caught wrong-footed by the big decline in book value and GAAP earnings at the Big Dog, NLY.

I’m also giving fair warning that one or more posts will be about the upcoming election. I’ve been looking at the likely policy actions by the new crop heading for Washington, and I’ve got bad news for the hopeful “small government” fans among us. Virtually to a person, the candidates that are riding in under that banner will actually cost us more, make government more intrusive, and trample our rights under our Constitution and its Amendments. They are like the current crop of politicians, only worse. True believers in the Tea Party myth can just avoid reading that post or posts so you don’t raise your blood pressure. You’ll find out soon enough, anyway.



2 Responses to Coming Attractions

  1. Cameron says:

    Like Truman said, he never gave anyone hell, he gave them the truth, and they thought it was hell.

    Looking forward to your posts.

  2. jessbee says:

    The book value at Merrill Ross’s pick AGNC went up because of a large early investment in HARP mortgages. They spotted early that if there is no equity (I gather HARP loans take people who are upside down and make them less upside down, so they end up with no equity or less minus equity, but I could be wrong) there is little room to refinance again.

    Have I got this wrong also: The companies who are paying out the most are doing it because they have the best ROCE and since they are paying out the most and doing the best that is a reason not to buy them? It would seem to me that they should be selling at a price that would make their return equal to those who are doing worse.

    Aren’t they all playing the same game, and if things go bad it will go bad for all of them, so why not get the best return while you wait.?

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