Burst of Interest

Yesterday and today the post from June describing the Chimera business model suddenly got a lot of interest.  I did a little searching, and found it had been mentioned on a Yahoo finance message board.

Who knew?  I didn’t think anyone went there any more.  The change they did to their format some years back was even less successful than New Coke.  Unlike Coca-Cola, Yahoo didn’t change back.

Anyway, welcome to the new readers.  Having hit a thousand readers, June’s Chimera post is the only one in the series of mREIT reviews that has earned a spot on the “Best of” page.



2 Responses to Burst of Interest

  1. Honkytonker says:


    Would appreciate your thoughts on the effect on CIM of possible put backs of mortgages for rep and warranty faults. Seems like selling mortgages back to the originators at par would be a windfall for CIM, but I get confused trying to track this through the re-REMIC process.

    • hhill51 says:

      As with most big surprises in the debt market, this situation has both positives and negatives for the likes of CIM, MFA and IVR.
      Count me in the camp that finds it more of a negative than a positive. See next post (tomorrow AM) to lay out the two effects.

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