Computer Gremlins

Bet you wonder why the last post refers to one before it, without doing so….

Seems I lost an entire 800-word post with further thoughts on the Annaly secondary.  I’ll try to recreate it this afternoon.

Knew I shouldn’t have messed with letting people know where the deity hangs out.  Now he/she/it has taken my morning’s work into the dual space where we’ll never see it, and only those of us with faith will know it ever existed.

15 minutes later….

Wow!  Now I know the gremlins [AKA beings outside ordinary space/time] are in control….  The Annaly post just appeared, in the order I posted it, and the post to which I refer now (called “An Explanation”) just disappeared from the blog site.  I found about half of it in the archive of drafts the blog server provides.

I’ll try to finish it soon and post it, and then I promise to recede back to my former lower consciousness state.

Those Greeks were exactly right about not tweaking the nose of the gods.


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