Showing My Age

I’m having another of those “you know you’re old when … ” experiences.

AARP has been trying to make me feel this way for years by sending my “membership” packets all too frequently.  Here’s a hint, guys:

I know who you are and how to get ahold of you.  When I see how much money you waste sending me these junk mail packages (like yesterday), it lowers the probability that you will get any of my money.

Another big sign was when my little sister retired.  Then they started putting people younger than me on the Supreme Court.  Then I noticed that I had never heard of the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. But today the impetus is the financial regulation bill.

I can remember when “used car salesman” was the way you described sleaze.  Not banker, not even politician.  But in an amazing loophole just guaranteed to screw people who can ill afford to be screwed, car dealers are not subject to predatory lending oversight with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Fed.

What’s up with that?  Can young people and the working poor be treated unfairly by a fast-talking used car salesman that doubles or triples their profit in an abusive loan? I would say so.

What’s wrong with this picture?



5 Responses to Showing My Age

  1. Tassiinvest says:

    C’mon Howard, we aren’t that old yet.


    • hhill51 says:

      I know I feel that way, but I have to admit that while driving home the other night on a 2-lane US highway, it passed through my mind that my left foot does nothing these days, while it used to raise and lower the high beams when it wasn’t on the clutch pedal. I wondered what percentage of Americans would recognize a photo of those tough little metal buttons we used to have….

      • Tassiinvest says:

        Next thing you know Howard you’ll tell me you remember the starter button on the dash and the defroster fan that was mounted near the windshield. Admit it you saw these features in a museum just like I wish I did.


      • hhill51 says:

        My ’48 Packard has all of those, plus a lighted compass gimbel-mounted on the dash, and a remote air valve to check the pressure in the spare without removing it from the trunk. 22nd series — hidden running boards. Has the bumper overguards and visor, too.

  2. Bruce B says:

    If one has a dislike for AARP, one can send them back all their postage prepaid envelopes empty so they can pay the postage.

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