Baker’s Dozen at a Milestone

I just noticed that I have reached the milestone of 200 posts on this blog.

I have to thank the readers, who make it worth doing.  If I have one request, it’s that we have more comments, so this can become a more interactive exercise.

I thought it might be fun to give you links to to all-time top posts.  The winner is still one of the earliest — Three Card Monte.

After the break, I’ll post links to the thirteen posts that have garnered the most readers.

Here they are, in the order of number of readers:

  1. Three-Card Monte
  2. Invisible Leverage
  3. Scary Chart
  4. The Tribes of Wall Street, pt. 1
  5. What Made AIG AAA
  6. Roots of the Meltdown
  7. Hard Stop
  8. Denial of Service
  9. Good Bots, Bad Bots
  10. Economic Narcissism
  11. Two Years Ago
  12. The Blame Game
  13. Tribes of Wall Street, pt. 2

One Response to Baker’s Dozen at a Milestone

  1. Egor says:

    Howard – congrats on the miles stone (or, is it millstone?) – your blog has been very instructive and though I don’t often leave comments, the effort / content is much appreciated. BR, Egor

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