The Curling Channel

Why not?

There’s a Golf Channel, a Yankees Channel, and who knows what else.  I even see that they’ve been trying it out every night with CNBC.

I think it might even be better for our portfolios.

There are days when I think CNBC should be called “the Whipsaw Channel,” given how they tend to hype investment trends just about the time smart investors should take profits.  That’s when CNBC isn’t playing its role as Fox Lite, with nonstop political nonsense.

While I don’t think you can invest without knowing what’s happening in the world, I do wonder whether it’s bad for investment to be influenced by a small group of people whose job consists of whipping up emotions and proferring sound byte economic theories as “reasons” for every ten-minute turn in the Dow Industrials.

In its own way, I think dumbed-down business news coverage can be as bad for your economic health as following big Wall Street analysts was when they were being compensated millions for bringing in big stock underwriting deals in the 90’s.

Bear in mind that financial TV is still TV. The provider has no interest in your financial well-being, just theirs.  Their financial well-being is assured if they can keep the audience whipped up and watching.

Curling, on the other hand, has a Zen fascination about it.  Granite rocks sliding at a walking pace in a not-quite-straight line with success created by planning the next three shots in advance.  What could be a better guide to investment?

What about changing a cable channel’s primary mission midstream?

I can only point out that HGTV morphed from kitchen design and gardening tips to 24/7 housing bubble shows seemingly without a hitch.

Besides, who doesn’t love a sport where the action is positively serene, but they use violent words like hammer, stealing, and biter?

It can’t quite beat croquet, being the only sport I know that you can play without setting your beverage of choice on a nearby table.



2 Responses to The Curling Channel

  1. Larry says:

    I normally don’t pay much attention to curling, but I happened to flip past it when the Olympic were on. What blew me away was that the Russian ladies curling team were a bunch of young hotties!

    Thank God for the fall of communism. When I was a kid, the Soviet women atheletes were bigger than me and had beards.

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