Hiatus Ends

When a blizzard is threatening, those of us in the snowy parts of the country don’t run out and buy every loaf of bread and jug of milk in the supermarket.  We do try to put all our stuff in places where the snowplows can’t hurt them, and hand shoveling is held to a minimum.

I’m always amused at what the people who don’t usually deal with “big dump” snowstorms don’t know.  The most important thing, for example, is to know where the snow is going to go (and stay for weeks or months if need be).  You need one spot near the road, and another one or two near the house where nothing else sits, and there is good access for a plow or snowblower from several directions.

The hard part is resisting planting something in those snow dumping spots that you care about.  Trust me, whatever it is, it will die, except for pachysandra, daffodils or tiger lilies.

As last weekend’s big storm was cranking up down south, I got the makings of a couple of large batches of freezable/reheatable comfort food, put both cars where I thought the plows couldn’t hurt them, and finally dealt with the last of the gardening stuff.

Being of the male persuasion, I missed out on the early shopping gene, so part of the last few days addressed the impending paroxysm of gifting, as well.  What was going to be a day or maybe two unblogging stretched into five.

Anyway, there were several good topics in the financial news as this all happened, so tomorrow (after a 3 hour expedition to get something only available on the other side of the state), I’ll be ready to regale you with thoughts on the mREITs, Citi’s secondary stock issue, and the current state of the corporate junk bond and syndicated loan markets.

In deference to the libations and familial neuroses that hurt readers’ concentration this week, I hereby pledge to make the upcoming posts as numerically light as possible.



2 Responses to Hiatus Ends

  1. Roger says:

    I don’t think anything short of nuclear waste will kill pachysandra (and even that might only induce it to mutate).

  2. W.Kinsolving says:

    Please don’t spread it around about pachysandra. Because it fructifies so readily, someone might classify it as a weed and then all of us driven gardeners will have to rip it out and spray it to death.

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