Connecting the Dots

Like many others, I traveled quite a distance to have Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings and assorted other relatives, significant others, and guests.  It was a good day, even though the four-airport trek keeps it from being an annual event.

I hope you all had similarly affirming days.

Part of the catching up was the discussion of “what’s next”.  Fortunately our discussions stay away from politics and economics until after the pies and coffee.  Our family has “one of each” in many ways, and politics is no exception.

Several conversations turned toward the bailouts, US Dollar, the market, etc.  Since they all knew I wrote a book during the meltdown, they were interested where that stood, as some of them saw the first draft in April 2008.  As one brother said “It needs a few more chapters now.”

I’ll be adding those chapters, and starting on my idea for the big picture second book over the coming weeks and months.

Readers of this blog will be witness to the development of some of those “big picture” ideas in a series I’ve decided to call “connecting the dots.”  It will look at the development of structured finance and capital markets in the context of the US and global economy since World War II, a period I and many others see as having been a full or nearly full Kondratiev cycle.

Like the “Tribes” series and my first manuscript, I hope to mix in the serious thinking about macro trends with the real-world experience of a career on the Street and in the business to proffer an insider’s view of what happened and why.

The plan is to develop these ideas – the dots – over time, and let the readers come along with me on this path.  The rest of the time, I’ll let the days’ events in the market drive the commentary, giving you a mix of the two approaches.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday.  When you call your broker tomorrow, don’t sell unless you had already decided to sell before Dubai hit its national leverage wall.  Exciting times, these.



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