Filling the Void

As a dedicated reader of the Weekly World News, I always enjoy the hard-hitting hilarity of the column by Ed Anger.  (I actually had the pleasure of handing writer/director John Waters his very first copy of the paper at a sleazy South Philly theater in 1981 as he and the cast premiered Polyester.)

Serial analyst The Mogambo Guru does for investing what Ed Anger does for American politics what Serial Mom did for fashion faux pas.  Now my friend George has the news that we may not see the Guru’s missives on investments, especially if he gets much much better at golf.  In the Coping section of Tuesday’s UrbanSurvival, we have this message:

“Dear Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR) George,

Well, since you asked, I have not officially retired, but I originally went on a short vacation, and then it just morphed into not working, and now I am giving retirement a try… “

Well, fear not!  I’ve asked a good friend with the same mix of market knowledge, attitude and disdain for all things normal to become a contributor.  I’ll let you know when he’s set up and sending his missives.


PS The only problem I see is fierce competition with the Onion, as they are also looking for a financial columnist with that je ne sais quoi.  A bidding war may break out, but if I play my cards right, we’ll get him!

PPS One of my favorite WWN covers is the one predicting financial disaster that features the inside scoop that rich people are hoarding water.  I have three copies, published over several years.  The classics never change, only the dates.


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