Pig Flights Canceled

A little after 11 AM today I saw a pig fly by my window, but I thought maybe I was imagining it. I was, or at least somebody was.

It seems a global warming activist spoofed Reuters and CNBC with their very realistic US Chamber of Commerce press release, website, and message from the President of the Chamber. (Hat tip to Mark Ambinder at Atlantic Online)

In the “release,” the US Chamber allegedly reversed their position against anti-global warming legislation.

It was a beautiful thing. Within minutes, talking heads on CNBC were analyzing which companies would gain the most new business and jobs, and a graphic showed us which major companies had recently quit the Chamber precisely because those companies disagree on this policy.

I reacted as I always do — by thinking about what they were saying, even if it did contradict what those same talking heads might have said if the US Chamber held the opposite position (as it really still does). Strangely enough, they were making sense. A huge business brought back on-shore would no doubt create new jobs, but how much might the potentially higher cost of energy hurt the economy?

Then the next dot connected. If we didn’t send expeditionary forces off to deal with despots sitting on rotting dead dinosaurs (at the cost of trillions), and could just ignore them (as we do most places despots are in charge), we might end up far better off, even with higher domestic energy costs.

The next dot fell in place. If we really want a strong dollar, we need to deal with our balance of payments and our fiscal deficit. Since I only solve one major world problem before lunch, I decided that wiping out our oil import negative balance would be the best structural change we could see in our economy.

OK, now I see it! The long-term recovery of the US will ride the back of energy independence, maybe from a combination of serious conservation, nukes, natty gas plants and massive algae farms to supply our portable, burnable diesel fuel.

Wow! I see the future! It’s bright and beautiful, and I can breathe, to boot.

Darn! It was all a trick. Poof! Jobs gone, future grim, America continuing as world’s largest debtor. On top of that the US Chamber of Commerce has lost its luster as representative of American business when icons like Apple and Levi Strauss quit, and Nike, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson publicly chastise them.

Oh, well. Back to your previously scheduled Kabuki Theater.

Just for fun, before they take it down, here’s a copy of the Reuters article.

Maybe some enterprising Youtuber captured the “analysis” on CNBC, which should be good for laughs when those same talking heads appear again.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

backs climate change bill

Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:50pm IST
WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (Reuters) – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said on Monday it will no longer opposes climate change legislation, but wants the bill to include a carbon tax.

The Chamber said it changed its position after several big companies left the group to protest the chamber’s earlier opposition to legislation to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

“We believe that strong climate legislation is the best way to ensure American innovation, create jobs, and make sure the U.S. and the world are on track to reduce global carbon emissions, and to provide for the needs of the American business community for generations to come,” said Chamber spokesman, Hingo Sembra.

(Reporting by Tom Doggett)

© Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved


2 Responses to Pig Flights Canceled

  1. Chuck Hinson says:

    Think many will welcome global warming after they get a taste of what this winter has in store for us.

    In fact, if we are entering a cooling period equal to one of the small ice ages, we may need to reverse course and create conditions to enhance global warming.


  2. Millerd1 says:

    We have plenty of primary equipment manufacturing going on in the oil/gas industry and lots of exporting. Port of Houston is usually 2nd or 3rd because of this. So what do we do we level a Cap and Trade Bill gun the carbon based energy’s head, instead of turning that Oil & Gas jobs potential loose inside this country getting more energy from our prohibited soils.

    Rhetorical question not directed at you Howard; How many trees, grass lands, toads, snakes, field mice, birds, deer, and rabbits were displaced by your current home, driveway, the local road to your house, interstate, gas station and supermarket place that were put there to support your local needs. Yet we pretend to care more about some elk in ANWR?

    It has always amazed me how the northern most countries that have the most to gain from extended growing seasons, yet are for CO2 regulations.

    This earth is 70% covered by water, more heat retained makes more water vapor, more water vapor in the air brings more rain and/or snow. Yes, weather will take a different thermal rejection pattern to the poles, and currently arid land will see no less than more humid air passing over it.

    But then again Gore needs one to sign to “Believing in Global Warming” to make his personal fortune. So get with the program. One heck of a Nobel Prize peace effort, but definitely bested by O’s peace accomplishments so far this year.

    Howard sorry for this rant tangent, please go back to your regularly scheduled program.

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